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Where are you

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We can be in a lot of different places emotionally, but only one place spiritually. Unfortunately, our emotional being can override our spiritual being and we project where we are on others. That can put us in a bad place, but we are so much greater than our surface hurts. This week’s blog post encourages you to find a better place to be and project your true essence. Emotional projection is an indicator of where we are emotionally. I was recently reminded that:

  • Hurt people hurt.
  • Fearful people spread fear.
  • Controlled people, control others.
  • Repressed people repress.
  • Misery loves company. Negative people bring about negativity.

I had forgotten this. We project how we are feeling. Do unto others as you would want or have had done to you. I’ll be the first to admit that when I feel wronged, I get angry and in my past, I have been spiteful. It has been a beautiful process of transformation to acknowledge that I have been loved and I can show love. We can overcome our past feelings and behaviors simply by seeing the good and finding peace in ourselves.  We are good! We are capable of showing the love that has always dwelled inside of us rather than the fear, hurt, and insecurity. Trust in the process. When you are injured, trust that you will heal and understand that what you are going through is only temporary.

Let the saying being:

  • Healed people help heal.
  • Loved people show love.
  • Joyous people spread joy.
  • Those who have been shown compassion, give compassion.
  • Those who have seen the light spread the light.
  • Blessed people bless!

We are all blessed in so very many ways. Yes, hard things happen, but if you are still here walking this earth, you have survived and you are safe. You have gotten through whatever your hardship was so you could help heal the world. You have a purpose! Go out and do it! Shift. Emerge. Fly.


How you treat others is a projection of your interpretation of how others have treated you.

You can be greater than your hurts and emanate your true essence and being.

~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus

Stretch:  Grab that releaser ball. Lean against a wall with the ball on your back between you and the wall. Roll around saying “I am so very, very, very blessed. I let go of what I have been holding onto”. When you find that spot that is most tight. Hang out there and keep repeating, “I let the light shine into this area and throughout me. I am blessed.” Then hold this area, soften, breath, and let go.

Exercise: Toe raises. Activate that pelvic floor and core and raise up onto your toes and slowly come down. If balance is an issue, hold on to a countertop or table. If you need more challenge, raising your arms over your head and reach toward the sky as you raise up on your toes. Do this 3x every time you go to the bathroom. Once again, repeat, “I am blessed”!

Habitual change: Shift your work area if possible. I recently lowered my treatment table just to give my body a chance to work on a different plane. Every 2-3 years I have rearranged my treatment room for this same reason. Variety is good! What can you rearrange in your environment to alter how you twist, turn, and bend?

Enlightened Perspective: I am blessed!

Journaling Option: Where are you right now? What are you projecting? Does this emanate who you truly are?

This week’s blog post directly correlates with week 7 of the Voyage to HEAL The Voice of God. We truly are the eyes, ears, and voice of God. Project what is innately inside of you that you were born with, love. Come start your Voyage to HEAL.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.




*A friend recently told me about a must-see movie called, “The Shift” by Wayne Dyer. Check it out and let me know what you link. You can watch the whole movie on YouTube! Click here to watch it: The Shift



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