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Why are things so extreme

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The world has become extreme. Everything we do is to the limits. We can travel in outer space, break the sound barrier, run faster, communicate faster, drive faster, and reach limits of unheard of proportion. We do more in one day than is humanly possible! Isn’t that amazing? In some ways yes. In other ways no. We push the limits and we are exhausted. On a soul level, we asked for a change and we have gotten it.  Change doesn’t always happen as we hope it would. I truly believe that a change has been needed to slow us down, reveal truths, and return us home rediscovering ourselves. What are we truly like?

To transition to a better place, the ugly has to come to the surface. Jesus didn’t discover his truth until he hung out in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus’s true potential also wasn’t recognized until his death. The truth was revealed. Nowadays it seems that only extreme events catch our attention. So in order for a huge shift to have occurred, something major had to happen like a world-wide, fast-spreading virus that locked us at home to be with ourselves and our families. George Floyd may not have known it when he was born, but he made a contract that he was going to be part of the shift of the world to show the injustices, bring the ugly into full view so that a change could be made. Whatever he had done, he did not deserve to die in the manner that he did, but just as Jesus knew what had to be done, and George Floyd’s soul knew what needed to happen. His death is not in vain, but in a greater purpose for the benefit of us all.

Ironically enough, as all of this is occurring, my kids and I are going on a trip around the world from A-Z, and Tuesday was K for Kansas. As I researched what Kansas is known for, God was talking to me letting me know to hold faith for a brighter tomorrow. Kansas was the first state to vote against slavery. When this happened there was a huge upheaval and Kansas earned the nickname Bleeding Kansas, but we all know the bigger picture of justice that came. Kansas was also the first state to allow black men to vote. Once again, there were a lot of controversies. The Supreme Court case Brown vs the Board of Education to allow schools to be integrated began in Kansas and the very first female pilot, Amelia Earhart was from Kansas. None of these firsts came without political unrest, but they all led to more social justice, equality, and unity.

We have been here before, but each time we become more and more united. It is a small number of people taking advantage of this situation and far more people uniting to say equality is a must. We are all one. If you are focusing on anger at the people rioting, then look at the anger inside of yourself. You are one with what you are drawn to. If you are focusing on the injustice, look at your own life and the injustice that you feel. If you are living in love and sending out love, then feel the love and continue to spread love.

Godspeed to all of you as you discover your path along your Voyage to HEAL. Bring to surface the truths that lie deep inside of you. Face yourself. Unite yourself. Be one with the divine universe.

Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: I am attaching a grounding meditation to feel where your body is. Once you know your body’s holding pattern, then you can correct this using your mind.

Exercise: Get your core muscles engaged and stand in a cactus pose with your legs out to the side, feet pointed out and your arms in the goal post position. Raise up and down 10x or hold this position for 1 minute. Feel strong and stable in a position you are not normally in.

Habitual change: Stop talking under your breath. Reveal the truth. As you do this make sure your words are of love and not fear.

Perspective Enlightenment: I am one with all that I surround myself with. I choose love.  

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.



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