Are you rushing into this?

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Forced pursuits never turn out as you want. When force is used to obtain something, the destination turns into a struggle. I believe this is because force is like damning a river. What is upstream suffers and what is downstream … Read More

Is this enough?

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Living in lack is never thinking you have or are enough. The snowstorm was coming. The virus was going to lock us all in our homes and we would not be able to leave. Once again, the grocery shelves became … Read More

I choose love

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Above all, I choose love. More than proving my point, more than being right, more than anything, I choose love. This past week, I was put into a situation in which I felt my opinion was asked knowing that the … Read More

Do you have it?

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Self-confidence. With self-confidence, you can do anything. Self-love is another way of saying self-confidence. When you love yourself, you believe in yourself, but how do you get the self-confidence to feel like you can do anything? Why are some people … Read More

Victorious Defenselessness

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One of my friends once said the best way to win a fight is not to get into one. Remember that.  Communication is just about as challenging as ever with the advancements of technology. Sending emails, text messages, and personal … Read More

Time in the darkness

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Spending time in the darkness can be more healing than we think. A few weeks ago, I gave an assignment to journal in the dark and then again in the light. Emotions are different in the dark. Some of us … Read More

The truth about the best

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When someone else wins a competition or gets praised for being really good at something and you don’t, does that mean that you aren’t that good? This thought came to mind as I constantly praise my children. I tell my … Read More

The Ghost of Years Past

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Have you ever considered what you carry with you from year to year? How heavy is your suitcase of memories? As I was meditating the other day a message came to me very strong and clear. You can’t punish someone … Read More

Rejoice in what?

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May your spirit rejoice in the coming of the Lord and the coming of 2021! My human body has had a rough 2020. As the pandemic began, I lacked an appetite, experienced great sadness, but was still motivated to pull … Read More

Lighten up

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We are a society of very hard workers. We push. We force. We neglect our very own needs and sometimes forget when to stop. So, in this illuminated season of Christmas, I am reminding myself to Lighten Up. I will … Read More

Soul Contract

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We all have a prearranged purpose for coming into this human form. Our outer shell of a body lends to part of our experience here as it is perfectly designed for us to experience what we have chosen to in … Read More

Circle of Life Wheel

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The roller-coaster is finally coming to a stop and life is settling down. I have found my new “norm” and peace is beginning to emerge again. Life has drastically changed in the last 6 months. There is still a lot … Read More

I surrender

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Last week I surrendered. I let go of hiding how I was feeling. I let go of time. I let go of the pressures I was putting on myself and then things began to manifest. A dear friend of mine … Read More

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