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Is Feminine or Masculine Energy Stronger

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Is Feminine or Masculine Energy stronger?

What does it mean to be a “lady” and a “gentleman”? Are these bad characteristics to be in an age where we are seeking equality? Which is stronger, the feminine or the masculine energy?

To answer these questions let’s look to history and nature. Historically, the roles of men and women were very clearly defined. The man was the hunter and gatherer and the woman took care of the home. The man was the provider and the woman was the nurturer who took care of things. The man was to be rough and tough to protect the family while the woman was kind and gentle to keep peace and show compassion and concern. Both roles were necessary. Both roles were of love. Both sexes appreciated the other for their contribution.

The man treated the woman as she was, kind and gentle; hence the phrase “gentleman”. He did not treat her as he did his male counterparts. He showed her respect by taking care of her in a loving manner by opening doors, giving up his coat to keep her warm, showering her with gifts that showed his affection and appreciation. The male is a giving energy. Think of procreation. If the man didn’t give we would have no babies. The female is the receiver. She allows the man to take care of her, to honor her, to provide for her. In return, she provides a loving environment for him, cares for him, and harvests what he plants. It is a dual relationship. The lady and the gentleman balance each other out. They teach each other. They support each other.

The challenge arises in the present day that we all want to be self-sufficient. We think asking for help is a sign of weakness. We all want to present as perfect and I can do it on my own. To call oneself a lady has almost become an insult unless you’re talking about the woman’s rights. Yes, we do have a right. We have the right to be as God made us. Yes, equal, but also the partner of the man. It is not an insult to be a lady and ask a man to be a gentleman. Men, it is not barbaric to be masculine nor is it out of date to be a gentleman. It is the balance of masculine and feminine energy. Ultimately, the point is that woman, we do not have to do everything a man does and men, you do not have to do everything a woman does. We need to complement each other and embrace our gender.

Now, let’s learn from nature what the role of the masculine and feminine gender is. Choose any animal and think of their gender role. It’s pretty easy because nature has embraced their gender roles and learned how beneficial it is. Now some animals vary on who builds the nest, takes care of the young, and hunts for food, but every animal knows its role. I read two wonderful stories by Clara Dillingham Pierson titled The Dance of the Sand-Hill Cranes and The Stickleback Father. In The Stickleback Father, which is a fish, the father prepares a nest, the mother provides the eggs, and then leaves the father to watch over the eggs and raise the little fish. By the end of the story, the father stickleback was exhausted, though he was very proud to have done his job. In The Dance of the Sand-Hill Cranes (which I highly recommend watching a video of their dance as it is beautiful), the birds do a mating dance to woo each other, the male builds a nest, and invites the female to join. She does and they raise their babies together as a team and live happily ever after. So, which story do you want to be, the stickleback fish or the sand-hill crane?

Now consider the sun, the masculine energy that comes up every day and shines light so the plants can grow and we can have warmth. In return, the moon, the feminine energy, comes out at night so we can rest and prepare for the next day. The sun is the action. The moon is the recharger. I would not want a world without the sun or the moon.

I encourage all of us to embrace being feminine and embrace being masculine. Be a lady and be a gentleman. Chivalry had its place. Chivalry was about respect and admiration, not one sex being subservient to the other. Having a healthy balance of femininity and masculinity in ourselves leads to harmony. It is the yin and yang, the breath in and out, giving and receiving, and procreating.


When you see yourself as a united force of masculine and feminine energy, there is harmony.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: We are going to do a yoga pose to evoke balance. Begin first standing on both feet in mountain pose. Feel your feet on the earth. Are you balanced equally on the right and left foot? Now we are going into tree pose. Lift your right foot up to touch the side of your ankle, calf, or inner thigh. Try to have your knee pointing outward as much as possible. Hold onto a piece of sturdy furniture if you need to. Your arms may be at your waist, in prayer position in front of your heart, or above your head. Place your gaze straight forward. As you stand on your let foot envision the masculine energy of taking charge and action entering your body. Then switch to standing on the right foot. Envision the feminine energy of creativity, nurturing, and rest flowing into your body. Hold each side for at least 2 minutes or more depending on how much you need that energy to fill your body. Now return to standing on both feet. Feel the balance of your feminine and masculine energy.

Exercise: We are combining this week’s exercise and stretch as tree pose is also an exercise. Make sure to have your core on while doing tree pose.

Habitual change: If you cross your right thumb over your left when sitting with your hands clasped, cross your leftover your right or vice versa. This shifts the masculine and feminine energy.

Perspective Enlightenment: I embrace unity. I embrace my partnership role.

Our beliefs have been ingrained in us over a long period of time. These belief systems are our Vows of Armor. They protect us from getting hurt, but also trap us from living up to our full purpose to love ourselves and everyone else. This week’s blog post coincides with the meditation message in week #3, Neck releases: Vows of Armor. To start your lifetime membership for the on-line Voyage to HEAL, click here. To purchase the Neck Release week only click here.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.






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