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I surrender

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Last week I surrendered. I let go of hiding how I was feeling. I let go of time. I let go of the pressures I was putting on myself and then things began to manifest.

A dear friend of mine described surrendering so beautifully as allowing yourself to flow with the universe, or God, whichever you choose. Surrendering doesn’t have to be giving up or giving in. There are three forms of surrender that I have found most helpful.

  1. Let go of time: aka stop forcing things to happen when the timing isn’t right and whatever you are pursuing is causing you stress.
  2. Let go of hiding: be honest with others about how you are feeling. If we hide that we need help, then no one thinks we need help when we really do. The truth will set you free. Those who mock you for how you are feeling do not need to be around you and keep you from being honest with yourself. The best person to be is your true, organic self so be honest. Let your true feelings and needs be seen.
  3. Let go of what you think you need. Instead, ask God, or the universe, to bring you what is in your best interest at the best time. I surrender to God’s highest plan for myself and others. This doesn’t mean let go of your dreams. Just be open to other opportunities and the process to getting you to your dream. Remember rule #1: Let go of time.
  4. Let go of perfectionism: Remember rule #2: Let go of hiding. Perfectionism comes with being you and loving yourself and everyone else. As long as you love everything about yourself, even what you perceive as flaws, you are perfect. You don’t have to work at it. I let go of the pressures I place on myself. I am realistic about who I am and what I can do. I will not compare myself to others.

I surrender to the flow of the universe.

Last week I finally admitted to myself and others that I was feeling really depressed and I had been for quite a while. The more I came out of hiding and spoke about my feelings and my needs, the less depressed I felt, and the less alone I felt. I took the time to meditate with my friends and give myself permission to feel the sadness. I discovered that I could be content without the external things that I thought I needed in order to be happy. I surrendered to the plans God has for me.

Amazingly, the next day the two things I had been longing for fell into my lap. First, a friend of mine guided me to a teaching curriculum that fit what I was looking for because I wasn’t impressed with what I had chosen. Ironically enough, as I reviewed the curriculum that my friend suggested, I thought, I don’t think I need this. I heard the words, just let your teaching unfold and see the magic in everyday learning rather than curriculum-based. So this week, I started teaching like I did last spring with a subject focus for each day and taking every opportunity to teach my girls. It was a great week! All of us had so much fun. We had a little bit of structure and a lot of fun. I let go of trying to be the perfect teacher incredibly organized and incredibly frustrated. I found my groove! Hallelujah!!

Then, I got a lead on a dog that may work out really well for myself and my family. Then….I got a call from a dog adoption agency that they are going to be looking for a dog for me, too! I would love to have two dogs that would play with each other and my kids that would snuggle up on the couch at the end of the day. I’m also at peace if the process to get another dog takes a while. I know that God’s timing is my protection and nothing good ever came from me rushing things.

So, surrendering to the universe has brought me peace. I truly believe that the negative energy inside of me was blocking things from happening. I needed to find peace no matter what my situation and most importantly, I needed to be honest with myself and others.


I surrender to the flow of the universe.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Let go of control and allow your body to move. Stretch your arms out to the side as if your arms are being pulled or pushed in. Imagine you are wound up like a twisted rubber band and the rubber band is unwinding. See where your body moves. Feel free to move and let your body guide you. Try this for 10 minutes. Honor the movement and honor the stillness. Continue to breathe as you move and don’t move say to yourself, I surrender to the flow of the universe.

Exercise: Grab a pillow or large therapy ball, activate your core, and move the ball clockwise down to the floor and then up over your head at least 6 times. Now reverse directions going counterclockwise.

Habitual change: If you sit on the right side of the couch, sit on the left side. Could you even sleep on the other side of the bed? Vary things up. There are postural correction videos just added to You Tube call Ergonomics for Posture and Pain Management that are available for free until next Tuesday. Then they will be found in the Sunshine Therapeutics store. Click here to check out an hour and fifteen minutes of postural corrections!

Perspective Enlightenment: I surrender to the flow of the universe.

This week’s task coincides with week 3 of the Voyage to HEAL and week 8. If you haven’t already, come start your Voyage to HEAL by clicking here.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.




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