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This is how God made me

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Are we supposed to be like the actors we see on TV, in movies, and in magazines? Are they true models for us or are we so much more than what we see?

Have you noticed over the past several years that there are “average” sized models and thin and big-chested is starting to go out of vogue? As an average height and weight female, I have noticed how the “desired” look is shifting. I notice this because, like so many other people, I have spent a good part of my life trying to be what I am not. I have looked at people around me and thought how much I would like to be like them, mostly in appearance, but this can also trickle into mannerisms, personality, and even the things they own and do. The people we see in the media are just one source of comparison. When you fall into the pit of not loving yourself, you compare yourself to everyone and thing around you. I’m not good enough resounds in your head.

Does this change with age? I don’t believe so because I have had clients of all ages and sexes that are self-conscious of one thing or another. It’s not always appearance that we compare ourselves to other people. Sometimes the jealousy is of someone’s talent, fame, fortune, family life, or belongings. Whatever it is, I have found that there is a process that people go through to see their own self-worth.


First, they may give up trying because it is an endless battle for my 5’4” large-boned body to weigh 110 lbs. Then they say they really don’t care how they look. Next, there is an acceptance of who they are and how God has made them. This is just how God made me and I am ok with that. Finally, they can really truly love themselves and be glad that they are as they are. They stop battling themselves to be better. They look at themselves in the mirror and love their reflection. They find peace in all their physical attributes and their personality, who they are, and what they are able to do.


This is what God intended for us. God did not make us all unique so that we could fight an endless emotional battle comparing ourselves to others. God made us uniquely special so we could bring variety to the world. There are a lot of jobs to do in this world and not everyone can do every job as well as the next person. We need variety. Remember, we all have our purpose here on earth and that purpose is not to be like someone else. That purpose is completely individualized for you.

Here is one of my favorite sayings:

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. ~ Oscar Wilde


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: The solar plexus at the base of the ribcage is our confidence center. When this area is filled with light and able to move freely we know we are enough and we can do anything we set our mind to. To release this area we are going to do a very gentle trunk extension as you breathe and feel your entire ribcage expand.

Lay on your back with a pillow under your lower back. The pillow can be flat or very thick. If you are very advanced, drape yourself over a large therapy ball. As if making a snow angel, raise your arms over your head. Do not strain your arms or your lower back. As you hold this stretch envision a brilliant yellow light beaming out of your solar plexus. Think of the sun, the male action energy, propelling your forward to have the confidence in yourself to do what you want to do. You have a purpose in this world. Have the courage and confidence to go forth and do it! Carpe Diem!

Exercise: We are going to do bridges this week. Laying on your back, activate your core muscles, now slowly lift your bottom up as you squeeze those butt muscles. If your hamstrings start to cramp, wrap a towel or scarf around your legs as shown in the picture below. This takes the strain off of your hamstrings. Try to do at least 8 slow and controlled bridges. If the bridges are too challenging, in standing activate your core and extend 1 leg behind you 8x.


Habitual Change: Really look at your whole self in the mirror. Find all the things that you like. Then find all the things that you wish to change. As you look at the areas you wish to change, say “I wish this area were ____________, but I still love that you are part of my body. Thank you for making me whole.”


Perspective Enlightenment: God made me flawless. I love my uniqueness.


*Here’s a journal option for you:  Make a list of all the ways you are unique. Then write about your purpose here on earth.


This week’s blog coincides with Week 8 of the Voyage to HEAL. I am enough. Please take the time to hold the stretch above while listening to this meditation. To purchase this week in the Voyage to HEAL, click here or start your online voyage with a lifetime membership to the Voyage to HEAL by clicking here


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.








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