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I’m not into that voodoo stuff

Energy work isn’t always understood as well as it could be; rather, it is discounted and termed “voodoo”. Let’s delve deeper into the history of energy work dating all the way back to the time of the bible. Did Moses and Abraham not go to the mount and receive messages from God? Huh, God spoke to them and the people listened. If I meant to the top of a mountain and came down with a new message from God, in today’s day and age, I’d probably be deemed “crazy”. What about the Virgin Mary? Did she not receive a message from an angel telling her that she was to bear a child? Did the wise men not follow a star and their intuition to find the baby Jesus? For thousands of years, people have been receiving messages from the spirit world and people used to listen.
In the new testament, there are countless stories of miracles of Jesus healing the blind man and healing the sick by simply laying hands on them. He used the healing power of touch and strong faith to heal people. This was practiced by his disciples and Prophets years later. It was not just a gift given only for Jesus. Laying hands on people to heal them was regularly practiced and believed in.
Then modern medicine stepped in and everything had to be tested and proven and re-proven. The energetic and spiritual body was forgotten and the physical body became the primary focus. This is not to say that the physical body should not be addressed and what a blessing modern medicine and surgical procedures are. We have come so far in understanding the human body, yet we drift further away as well.
When someone is sick, I comfort them by saying I will keep you in my prayers. When I say this, I am acknowledging that I believe in the power of prayer to heal. What is prayer? It is an energetic means to heal. What is Reiki, therapeutic touch, healing hands technique, emotion code release? They are all forms of prayers to heal. A client once told me that she suffered from years of should pain until one day at church she was brave enough to allow her fellow parishioners to lay healing hands on her. To her amazement, her shoulder never hurt again. Was this VooDoo, or getting back to our roots.
The next time you say that you are praying for someone, think of what you are saying? Believe in what you are saying and remember where healing began.

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