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Love for 2020

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“Your journey to greater prosperity is not about traveling to a foreign shore. It is a journey home to your true self. If you know you are enough, you know that the universe can supply enough. Focus on what is working and the universe will send more blessings.” Alan Cohen Spirit Means Business

2020 is going to be a great year. Just look at that number. It looks strong and bold and powerful, yet with a soft side of love and nurturing. Put a dash between the twenties, insert Barbara Walters and you have a whole bunch of shows exploring the truth. So, let’s find out the truth that lies within you and start manifesting some awesome goals for this year.

My personal goal is to fill this year and every year henceforward with more love and gratitude. Throughout my own Voyage to HEAL listening to God’s words, reading books, and listening to videos, I have found that the underlying theme is always love and gratitude. When you have these two elements, life is so much better. You really do attract what is inside of you. Replace fear with love as if there is nothing else in this world, but love and you will then attract love.

For whatever reason, in my life as an adult, I found that I treated love as if it were something that had to be earned. Even when I got my dog and my horse, I didn’t love them at first sight. I knew they were meant to be in my life, but it took a while for me to truly fall in love with them. Then my Emily came along. That child knows nothing but love. She has taught me self-sacrifice and unconditional love. It is through my daughter that I have learned that love is not something you earn, but rather something you give and receive. She loves me no matter what. She is constantly telling me how very much she loves me. She sees me for who I truly am, love. Loving you, looking inside of you and seeing your beauty and knowing you are enough without money, without make-up, without designer items is at the top of the list of must be loved. Oh to love yourself and believe it without others having to tell you feels amazing. Your true home is where you feel comfortable enough with yourself that you can be your true self, free to express your wants and needs and love every part of you.

So, for 2020, come home. Be yourself. Love yourself. Work with all the amazing things that you have going for you. You are limitless! When you see your own self-worth, then you are the richest person in the world for you have found true happiness. 


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thoughts

Stretches: Unwinding. Stretch your arms out, put on some good music or the limitless meditation from the Inner Peace Meditation CD or in Week 11 of the on-line Voyage to HEAL process, and let your body move.

Exercise: Lift it up, zip it up whenever lifting anything get that pelvic floor and core on.

Habitual Change: Squat as low as you can go and get back up safely when retrieving items from the floor. Make sure the core muscles are turned on.

Perspective Enlightenment: I am limitless!

Don’t forget to start the year off right by signing up for the Voyage to HEAL Weekend Excursion, January 10th and 11th. This week’s message is part of Week 11: Rebounding and Unwinding- Limitless. Click here to purchase this chapter.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL. Happy New Year.




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