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Nothing is forever

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Nothing is forever

This is the good news. Nothing is forever so whatever you may be going through now, won’t last forever. Your emotions will change, your life circumstances will change, and yes, your body will change as well. This can give us hope if we are going through a rough patch, but rest assured, even if things are going great right now, that doesn’t mean that this too will pass. It just means that change is inevitable. The more you resist it, the more struggle you invite into your life. The more you allow things to flow and choose your path according to the options presented to you, the easier things can be.

Sometimes an elephant can get in our path to help divert us another direction, tell us to be patient, or see how truly devoted we are to achieving a goal. This I learned from a yoga class. The challenging part is to know why is the elephant in your path. If you do not know, wait. Things will change and the answer will become much more clear. Remember once again that nothing is forever. Sometimes you just need to be patient.

If you are in a moment of uncertainty, answer one or all of these questions:

  1. What other direction could I go opposite of where I am now?
  2. What would happen if I just sit still for a moment? Why would this bother me? Am I pushing too hard or running away from something that scares me so I can’t sit still?
  3. Do I really want this? How will this change my life? Am I ready for that?

After you write down the answers, walk away and in 1-week review what you wrote. Do you feel the same? Self-reflection brings awareness and that brings happiness.

Voyage to HEAL weekly tasks:

Stretch: Unwind! Turn some music on, in standing or sitting hold your arms out to the side and imagine being stretched or pushed inward, now break free and let your body move without any guidance from your logical part of your brain. Let yourself be free! Purchase the unwinding chapter of the Voyage to HEAL by clicking here.

Exercise: With legs straight or bent, gently lean back only as far as you can come back up. Make sure to engage your core! Lift it up and zip it up

Habitual change: Talk less. The more you say, the less people listen. Keep your words simple.  

Perspective Enlightenment: I give myself permission to try another way. Whenever something isn’t working, try another way.

This week’s Voyage to HEAL weekly thoughts coincides with week 11 of the Voyage to HEAL: Unwinding and rebounding- living limitless.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL,

Love, Jocelyn



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