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Relieving SI discomfort

The sacrum, a triangular boney segment of vertebrae below the lumbar spine, is the point where the pelvis attaches to the spine. Restriction of movement in the sacrum may result in impaired pelvic mobility and sacroiliac dysfunction. This would lead to discomfort and challenge moving with the horse’s movements ultimately impairing communication with the horse.

What is the Sacrum and what does it do?

The sacrum is comprised of 5 vertebrae fused together known as S1-S5 which forms the back wall of the pelvic girdle connecting with the ilium of the pelvis. At the hip bones, it forms the sacroiliac joint. There are several sacral nerves and blood vessels that stem from the sacrum. If these nerves are restricted due to hyper or hypo joint mobility, pain is felt in the lower back radiating down to the knee or possibly to the foot or ankle. Women are more prone to this sacroiliac pain due to a wider and shorter sacrum with increased mobility for childbearing. The sacrum is responsible for pelvic strength and stability as well as hip alignment, all of which are highly important in riding.

Take a moment to just envision your sacrum. Lay on the floor with your knees bent and try to rotate your sacrum clockwise and counterclockwise. This is a great stretch and exercise for the sacrum. Also try taking a deep breath in and feeling your sacrum and tailbone expand out.

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