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Unconditional love

What a fantastic day. Here’s the recap: Woke up to a happy baby, went to yoga at Main Street Yoga in Wilmington with Jane. It was an awesome class where I learned a new way to open the chest and anterior shoulder during triangle pose. Then I visited my in-laws where I got a nap!!!! The day was concluded with a fantastic banquet for Connie Patrick‘s Stillwater Stables with my good friend Tabitha Speaight and Julie Fox. The focus of the yoga practice this morning was on unconditional love. The focus of this evenings banquet was allowing yourself to feel and living simply in tranquillity. So the bottom line- love yourself and others unconditionally and then you don’t need all the frills and bling to brighten up your life. You’ll find it in everything around you. On that note, I’m going to bed. Pleasant dreams.

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