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Being the best person you can be

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Being the best person you can be

Life’s events can bring out the best in us though some of the ugliness may show at first as you break out of your shell of illusions. There are a lot of illusions out there. Wayne Dyer said that what comes out when you are squeezed is what is inside of you. What is seen on the outside of us is not always what is on the inside? The outside may be an illusion of what we want to be or how we want people to portray us.

For example, I was speaking with a friend of mine about a course she took on publishing a book. She said that at the class, everyone was to buy the other 100 participant’s book for $1 so they would all get on the New York Times’ best-seller list. Then they had everyone pose as if doing a book signing with all 100 people standing around them.  At the course, the instructor discussed how well known authors would buy 1000 copies of their book to make it look wanted.

The movies, tv, and everyday social media are prime examples of only seeing the surface of the illusionary world of perfectionism. I watched a commercial the other day in which a couple said how much they loved coming home to a house that looked like something in a magazine. Why would you want that! It looked totally uncomfortable and non-touchable. Yet, this is what we are being asked to do, be uncomfortable and non-touchable. Wear this outfit and use this make-up to hide wrinkles and disguise a bit of chubby. Buy this car and own this house so that you look successful and rich because that means happiness, right? Go on this vacation that is totally out of budget because it will make you happy. These are messages that you are not good enough as you are. These messages say that you need to either cover up your imperfections or own something to be somebody. This in itself is an illusion of the reality of who you truly are…..perfection.

You and God are one; therefore, you are perfect. It is the shell that you have placed over yourself that is the cloud of imperfection. Nothing has changed inside of you that wasn’t there the day you were born into this world as the most perfect little baby. If you could see inside of you to your soul, it would look exactly the same as that day you took your first breath.

This is not an illusion. This is the truth. You are the eyes and ears and voice of God. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking that you have to be better than anyone else or just like someone else because you are you. End of the story. See the world through the eyes of God. See yourself through the eyes of God. Look at life’s challenging moments as an opportunity to bring the presence of God more into this world. Those challenging moments are your chance to act in love, to break out of the protective cloud of shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, and depression to reveal the true you. Yes, the true you is worth seeing. Get past thinking that you are not enough and see that you truly are enough in every situation.

Voyage to HEAL weekly thoughts

Stretches: Since it is sinus time, we are going to do a compression of the jaw that will loosen your mouth and open the sinuses. This will allow you to speak the truth. We are also going to do ear pulls by gently grasping the inside of the ear or the earlobe and pulling down and back. This is also a great sinus opener. This will allow you to hear the truth.

Exercises: Eye strengthening. We are going to roll the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise 5x in each direction. This is a stretch and an exercise.

Habitual Change: Check your phone for text messages and emails every hour you are awake. Turn off the notifications so you can stay focused on what you are doing at this moment. Only check social media 1x/day. This task is very hard, but so incredibly freeing. Keep track of how frequently you check your phone then you will understand that your phone has become an addiction and how much it is taking away from your present moment and influencing you.

Perspective enlightenment:  Remind yourself that you are the eyes, ears, and voice of God. I am the light in this world.  

This week’s blog post correlates with week 7- Facial Releases being the Eyes, ears, and voice of God. Visit the store to purchase this chapter or join the Voyage to HEAL Lifetime membership to take the full voyage.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL

Love, Jocelyn


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