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I let go

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Are you free enough to let go of your physical body to live in a spiritual realm?

A limitless life means you have let go of your old ways. This is so much easier said than done because the pathways of resistance will hold you back. Imagine driving on a road made of mud filled with holes and rocks to avoid and deep grooves to hold you in. Sometimes breaking free can feel so incredibly sticky, but staying on that road of resistance is so hard.

How do you break free? You mentally and spiritually give yourself permission to let go. You let go of your old way of thinking and being. In week 4 of the Voyage to HEAL, we let go of our Vows of Armor. Vows of Armor are the beliefs that we unconsciously create to keep ourselves “safe”. Unfortunately, over time they become a fortress of negative thought patterns that no longer keep us safe, but rather harm us.

Over the past several years, I have been on a spiritual journey to really feel God’s presence, guidance, and energy flowing through me. Since I began my study of A Course in Miracles, I have become aware of how spiritually stifled I am. My relationship with a higher power was very quiet, personal, and limited to a life honoring God. I truly believed in God, but did not share or feel the presence of God in and through me. Honoring God means that I do things to earn passage to Heaven and give thanks for my blessings. When you are one with God, all that you are honors God. When you are true to yourself and share yourself with others that is honoring God. Heaven is here and absolutely everything is a blessing. God does not punish, reward, or condemn. God loves. You love. Most importantly, you love yourself, honor yourself as a source of God, and always believe that you are enough. You and God are one so you can do anything! Have no fear and no limits. Live in the spiritual realm with God in you and around making miracles happen all the time.

Last week you identified what beliefs are limiting you. This week, we are going to be free enough to let go of our old ways of thinking and believing. Go sing, dance, and speak the words you have been wanting to say. Let go of the people around you that stifle who you really are. Let go of the feeling that you are trapped in this life, meant to suffer, or should be seen and not heard. Whatever your Vows of Armor are, let go! Visualize yourself as a spirit on a journey in a physical body.

Let the road you travel along be smooth and easy and may your spirit soar.

                                    ~ Your Inner Guide    

Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus

Stretch:  Set a timer for at least 5 minutes. Stand still and ground yourself. Feel your feet on the earth and envision all your negative beliefs flowing out of you into the ground. Now envision the true you shining down and showering over you. Who is the true you? Let your eyes open to who you are meant to be.

Exercise:  Activate your core, raise your arms up, and circle them around your head as if making the biggest halo you could possibly wear. Go 3 minutes to the right and then 3 minutes to the left. Imagine that you are hula hooping while doing this. As you circle your arms say God and feel God’s light shine down on you.

Habitual change: Time to let go of the extra weight you are carrying. I have heard it from many people that they have put on the COVID 19 lbs. That can weigh you down. I know it does for me. So I am making a conscious effort to eat my food slowly and enjoy what I am eating. I am shifting my focus of eating to thinking of how I am nourishing my body rather than comforting my sorrows. I am enjoying the tastes and textures.

Enlightened Perspective: I let go of the fear that I must be who I am not and see that I am one with God and can do anything. I am a spirit.

Journaling Option: If I were a spirit without any fears, I would ……………………..

This week’s Voyage to HEAL blog coincides with week #3 and week #4 with the theme of I let go and Vows of Armor. For 2 wonderful meditations, visit this week in your workbook or online with your Lifetime Membership. Week #4 has a great progressive muscle relaxation to shift your physical holding patterns.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL






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