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Right back to You

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Week 8 of the Voyage to HEAL focuses on I am Enough. This is a twofold thought. Superficially, you are enough. You do not need more. You do not need to do more and you do not need to be anything more than you already are.

On a deeper level, this chapter is saying that all you need is God. God created you and dwells inside of you and forever will. God is not the governing body that damns you to Hell or admits you to Heaven. God is the spirit inside of you that loves and gives you hope. God knows that you are enough. God knows that the two of you working together create such an amazing unity that there is no separation between you and God. You are one; and thus, you are enough to make it through anything. This is what inner strength is, relying on the loving source of support and comfort that dwells inside of you to get you through anything. That source is God.

The spread of the Coronavirus proves how amazingly connected we all are. Because God created us all, we are all one. No one is more or less at risk than another person because this virus knows no boundaries or borders. The same holds true for God’s love that dwells inside of you.

Yep, I just compared God to the Coronavirus. Both can alter the lives of millions of people, but how can the coronavirus be like God outside of connecting all of us as one body?

The coronavirus has brought us all home. The coronavirus has taken away all our outside resources to run away and distract ourselves from the reality of our home life. The coronavirus has forced us to evaluate the things we do and what we do on a daily basis. The coronavirus has slowed us down and brought back family time. Since the start of time, God has been calling man home. God has been pleading with us to return to our roots. Roots that were planted and nurtured by God. These roots are not taken care of by what we own, how much we do, or how beautiful we are, but by the love and hope that God gives that we are to share with the people most close to us, our family.

For some of us, home is a building with four walls. For me, returning home means returning back or getting even closer to God. I no longer rely on my horse, my job, running errands, social events, the woods, museums, the arts, etc. to make me happy and find my peace. I am at home, with my children and my husband and my dogs. Life is so much simpler. I have found time to pray and meditate. I have returned to my roots. I realize that my job does not define me. My relationship with God and sharing God’s love with my family is my priority.

So am I enough? Yes. I always have been and I always will be for the love of God that dwells inside of me will never change. I am the same soul now as I always have been. I am enough and so are you. Return home. Look at yourself and see how wonderful you are and life is. Relinquish your fears. You do not have to take on the burdens of the world, view the world as a burden, or hold things together. You and God have got this. “You” are enough. Come right back home to you. 


Life is not a burden. It is a process of seeing your true self and

potential through oneness with God. ~ your inner guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: Place the releaser ball on your right or left chest and lean into a doorframe. Then lay on your back and roll over onto one of your arms. You choose how far you want to roll over. I lay completely on my arm, but that may not be comfortable. If needed, just do this stretch in standing, bringing your arm across your body as in the 3rd picture. Hold these for at least 2 minutes and breathe. Please do these before the exercise below and complete these on both sides.

Exercise: Clasp your fingers behind your back. You may need to use a strap if you are not able to clasp your fingers together. In coordination with your breath, raise your arms slightly up on the inhale and back down on the exhale. Do this for 3 minutes.

*You choose the speed and how high to raise your arms. You will feel the burn in the back of your arms. If you feel a pinching in the front, repeat the stretches and then return to the exercise.

Habitual Change: Check out my ergonomics of washing windows video below. When completing a task, ask yourself, how can I make this as easy as possible? How can I make this fun- “just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way” thank you Mary Poppins. ( :

Perspective Enlightenment: It all comes right back to you realizing that you are enough. You have everything that you need in your faith that you and God can get through this. 


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Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL.



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