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What's so special about Myofascial Release stretching

Often times when people feel tension in their body they stretch, pop, or massage that area. They find themselves doing this over and over and over again without long lasting results. Why is this? I believe it is because the mind is much stronger than any muscle in our body. If emotional stress is causing the tension, then an emotional release, or letting go of what you are holding on to, is the only cure for releasing that tension. That is what differentiates myofascial release stretching from every other kind of dynamic or static stretching. While you are softening an area ask yourself a few guiding questions, such as:

1. What lies beneath this pain?

2. What benefit is it for me to hold on to this?

3. How can I redirect my energy? Try another way.

This will help you go deeper into your stretches and know yourself more.

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