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The Perfect Seat from Inside Out

The Perfect Seat from the Inside Out

For a perfect seat, you must have a positive inside” Gustav Steinbrecht. If you criticize yourself, you are criticizing your horse. If you criticize your horse, you are criticizing yourself. Riding is a team effort and all players must feel good about themselves. The rider and the horse will only perform as well as they think they can, but how is a rider supposed to feel good about a ride even when everything goes wrong?

Daily affirmations

Affirmations are positive sayings about oneself that are repeated several times until the thought is believed. These are not lies, they are the truth. “I am a great rider!”. Ok, so maybe at this moment the rider does not feel great. Then say “Every time I ride I get better and better.” The rider needs to acknowledge where he or she needs to improve; yet, at the same time, see themselves as they want to be.

*Note that this pertains to any athlete, artist, or everyday amazing person. Life is a team effort.

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