The Perfect Seat from Inside Out: Part 2

Reframing an Event What does the rider do if the last ride was the worst ride of their life? Refrain from negative self-talk. What benefit is it to the rider to talk down to themselves? It doesn’t make a better … Read More

The Perfect Seat from Inside Out

The Perfect Seat from the Inside Out “For a perfect seat, you must have a positive inside” Gustav Steinbrecht. If you criticize yourself, you are criticizing your horse. If you criticize your horse, you are criticizing yourself. Riding is a … Read More


TRANSCENSION: The act of Transcending Marianne Williamson, in The Age of Miracles, wrote a beautiful passage about transcension. “Growth can be hard, and laboring a new self very difficult. Growing older just happens; growing wise is something else again. And … Read More

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